What does it mean to be a second home community?

Summer Edition: Part II

To put Cape Cod’s second-home economy in the context, let’s look at similar economies. This helps identify the nature of destination and second-home economies and learn from the experiences of others. With this broader view, we can look at the Cape’s economic advantages and strategize for a prosperous economy.

Of the nation’s 3,143 counties, just six have populations greater than 200,000 and 20% or greater share of seasonal units. Among these six, Cape Cod has the smallest land area and the highest concentration of seasonal homes – underscoring the special character of our economy. The five other counties are our “Classmates.”

In this edition of BART, the second of two parts, we try to answer the following questions:

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Data sources: 2013 5-year American Community Survey, 2010 US Census