Nature of destination and seasonal economies

All six counties are near major recreational attractions – from World-Class beaches to international amusement destinations.

The share of accommodation and food services, real estate, rental and leasing, retail trade and construction sectors are larger compared to the nation. Manufacturing, wholesale trade and share of government sectors are smaller again compared to the share of those sectors nationally.


Horry County, S.C., home to Myrtle Beach, has a much higher share of accommodation and food services compared to the other five counties. Barnstable County has a higher share of health care and social assistance sectors and share of professional and technical services. Sussex County, De. has a higher share of construction. The variation in the share of sectors among comparable counties informs us of the level of existing development and prime the drivers of the economy.

The chart below compares economic sector shares among county Classmates. Hover over the circles to see the values for each county. To see individual results, hover over the highlighted counties on the map.

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Data sources: US Department of Housing and Urban Development, 2013 5-year American Community Survey, 2010 US Census, US Bureau of Economic Analysis, US Bureau of Labor Statistics